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Allen Brain Observatory

About the Allen Brain Observatory

The Allen Brain Observatory presents the first standardized in vivo survey of physiological activity in the mouse visual cortex, featuring representations of visually evoked calcium responses from GCaMP6-expressing neurons in selected cortical layers, visual areas and Cre lines.

Key features of the dataset:

  • Searchable data from hundreds of two-photon calcium imaging sessions across multiple visual areas and depths in the visual cortex

  • A variety of data visualization summaries capturing visual coding properties of single cell and cell population responses to sensory stimuli

  • Standardized spatial mapping of cellular responses to five types of rich visual stimuli, surveyed from transgenic mouse lines

  • Raw data and analysis modules available for download via the Allen Brain Atlas application program interface (API) and Allen Software Development Kit (SDK)

Search the data

  • Click on the EXPERIMENTS or CELLS tabs to view experimental data.

  • Click on a Visual Stimuli title or image to learn more.